Chief Instagram Officer Is Now A Job Description

A seaside resort in Turkey is on the lookout for a Chief Instagram Officer. It’s one of many ways a savvy social media star can leverage their Instagram followers into a sweet gig. The Hillside Beach Club in Fethiye,Turkey is one of many resorts and vacation destinations that understand the power of social media to push their way to the front of today’s crowded advertising field. Instead of a scheme to buy Instagram followers to get more attention, they’re running an Instagram contest. Entrants for the position are urged to apply by posting a beach photo and use the resort’s hashtag. Six winners will be given a free week at the resort, and all they have to do is take pictures of the resort while they’re there, and update the hotel’s Instagram feed.


It’s win/win for the resort. They’re sure to have thousands upon thousands of entrants, and gain tons of Instagram followers without lifting a finger. Imagine how much it would cost to buy instagram followers by the thousand instead of getting them for free by offering a job that doesn’t pay anything. They give away something of little value to them, a stay at their resort, and the publicity they receive will be priceless.

The Best Way to Grow Your Twitter Audience

Everyone would love more Twitter followers. In fact, many people would love having more than just the one Twitter follower they see day in and day out. However, the truth is that most people never will. They’ll walk away from Twitter, one of the most trafficked social media sites on the entire planet, convinced that it simply doesn’t work they way they were told. Whatever brought them to Twitter—a business, a cause, an interest—will die on the vine just like that.


This is especially sad for those of us who know how large Twitter accounts are built. It’s actually quite easy. All you need to know how to do is buy twitter followers. That’s really as easy as it gets. You don’t need to tweet more, you don’t need to follow certain people, you don’t need to do all kinds of other maneuvers so-called “gurus” recommend. Just begin buying followers and watch as you naturally begin attracting more people.

The best way to grow your twitter audience that’s because people naturally want to follow those who already have a large following. They don’t know you purchased your followers, after all. So they’re left to assume you must be that interesting and rewarding to keep an eye on. As long as you prove them right, you’ll always have a huge audience.